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Windows in the sky

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 8 July 2015

Not the biggest… but possibly the highest, and certainly one of the most prestigious commissions this year; we have been tasked by the management team at Bath Abbey to make two casement windows for the Abbey’s bell tower.

These casement windows pose several challenges for the Bath Bespoke team. They can only be accessed via a narrow winding stone staircase, across a walkway and then on up into the tower, and as if that wasn’t difficult enough…they’re set four metres high up on a wall. It was no surprise that the Abbey management team wanted high quality, durable casement windows that will stand the test of time, we can well imagine that regular maintenance would cause more than a small headache for someone in the future. To meet this brief we’ve specified Accoya timber casements with a microporous paint finish to allow the wood to breathe.

Arkadiusz will lead the team making the windows here in the workshop, Sam and Dan will then fit the windows in the tower, installing remote control window activators so that the Abbey team can open and close them without a hard hat and a very long ladder! If you’re interested in taking a look around the tower the Abbey team offer tours daily (except Sunday) throughout the year and the views are spectacular. We’ll post some pics when this project is complete.