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Our wooden floors in Bath Life Magazine

Catherine Authers, Editor of local Bath Life magazine ran a feature in the recent 300th anniversary issue entitled ‘Absolutely Floorless’, inspired by the Instagram account: I Have This Thing With Floors. Bath Life selected a handful of local experts to interview and asked Tom Jones-Marquez to share his experience and wisdom on wooden flooring… here was Tom’s response:

Natural Selection

“We have found a real demand for natural oak floor finishes of late,” says Tom Jones Marquez, Director at Bath Bespoke. “We used a specialist super clear and matt hard wax oil which allows the natural beauty of the oak to be expressed, without the yellowing or darkening suffered through application of many protective coatings.”

The magazine featured work carried out by Bath Bespoke to a family home in Turleigh near Bradford on Avon...

“We love the natural materials and light. The exposed stone, the raw sawn unfinished oak glazed joinery and also the table work in harmony to create a comforting space. We made the table and the joinery too, and finished the table to match the wooden floor. Step one is practicality – avoid lacquers and shiny finishes if you have young children, as they scratch so easily. Avoid dark finishes in small rooms as they make it seem smaller. And if light is an issue, go for a really light stained oak floor; limed or white-pigmented hard wax oils work very well. In kitchens and hallways go for a rustic board – these will age better.”

“These days there are so many finishes available and the popularity of thinner 15mm boards means that floorboards with beautiful finishes are readily available and not expensive. A pre-finished board is extremely wise if you are living in the property during install, as it means you can walk on it virtually straight away. The finish is easier to perfect in a factory too. When we finish on site, we need several days of no traffic in order to allow curing times and the fumes should also be considered with young families.”

If you want to talk to one of our team about wood flooring options we’d be delighted to help so please give us a call on 01225 920 900

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