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Quantity and quality.

Posted by Tom Jones-Marquez on 17 June 2016

When the Phone rings here at Bath Bespoke it’s always a mystery as to what we will be working on next, it could be anything, any size any shape which is all part of the fun.

We were asked to create a total of thirty solid Oak casement frames and cills, two double solid timber garage doors, two standard sized solid timber doors, two solid Oak split stable doors with window panels, three solid Oak double glazed french arched double patio doors, two cross lapped jointed vanity units and an enormous bay window housing a pair of double doors. All of this joinery was for a property situated in the middle of the rolling Wiltshire countryside, comprising of the main house a large garage and adjacent out house and patio area. Due to our experience and expertise, getting this quantity of work out to a tight schedule for our contractor wasn’t an issue.

One interesting aspect of this project was the glass being housed within the windows and occasionally door frames, it was ordered from a company that specialise in making replica double glazed steel, iron and lead windows, they keep the same authentic Crittall look but from the use of aluminium they achieve a slim profile allowing for maximum glass area. Once housed within our Oak work the stylised Tudor effect is spectacular.

The area of the project that we are most proud of is the joinery that went into the triple French arched doors, the size of the top curved section is striking once viewed in situ where they are afforded a south facing view of fields and sun.