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A contemporary re-model for a luxury home in Tel Aviv, Israel

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 6 December 2016

Earlier this year, we revealed we were embarking on a really exciting project across the globe in Israel. The project is now complete, and we’re excited to share the finished results with you.

Back in May this year, we were commissioned by The Makers to create some beautiful, very unique furniture for a luxury holiday home in Tel Aviv. The Makers, run by Mike Trott, is a fantastic high-end bespoke furniture manufacturing collective. We love working with the team and creating original pieces for their clients.

The Makers were in turn commissioned by internationally renowned designer Laura McCree. Laura is known for her fantastical, creative and bold designs and her vision for this project was no different.

See some images from the project:

The project took place in a luxurious house nestled in the suburbs of Tel Aviv.  We helped furnish the whole property with bespoke fitted furniture, ranging from a sleek bed to creative book shelves, fitted cabinets and floating drawers. In total, we handcrafted the furniture for the stunning dressing room, four contemporary fitted bedrooms, the living room and the expansive cinema room. To showcase the beauty of this luxurious apartment, the furniture was extremely contemporary. We incorporated clean lines with a mixture of materials including natural timbers with a customised tinted lacquer finish, marble, dark stained timber, mirrors, glass and brass detailing.

As you can imagine, there were a number of challenges we faced on the project. Everything was created in our workshop in the UK and the furniture had to be transported to Tel Aviv. Tom, Bath Bespoke’s creative director, joined Mike from The Makers to measure up the project and ensure a smooth and quality installation.


Another challenge was the climate. Wood is hygroscopic. This means it alters its water content in a continuous balance with the humidity of the surrounding air. This process results in movement in the wood. However, expected movement can be accurately predicted, which meant we were able to avoid potential problems down the road. In this instance, measurements were taken within the property which allowed us to acclimatise the wood in a heat controlled room prior and during machining.

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