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Restoring a beautiful bay window in Bath

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 24 January 2017

At Bath Bespoke, we’re proud of our diverse team. Alongside our dedicated bespoke kitchen and furniture makers, we also have a dedicated team who specialise in creating and restoring period joinery.

We’ve worked on numerous projects with English Heritage and local conservation teams, including Bath Cathedral, and we design and create the exact replicas of original joinery details in all our work.

Last October, we were delighted to be part of a project in Bath which saw the team creating and installing a custom made bay window. This bay window was a true feature piece of the home and had to be crafted to suit the style of the other bay windows on adjoining properties. We used Accoya wood for the window. This was the best material for the project. It’s a high performance wood, which is acetylation—making it ideal for outdoor use. It also produces an extremely clean, sophisticated finish.

Before the restoration. Photo: Ben from Bath Bespoke

We’re always drawn to projects which challenge our skills and encourage us to think of innovative solutions. This project certainly came with its fair share of challenges. One key aspect involved how to install the actual window. Due to its weight and size, we had to use a series of heavy lifting equipment. Likewise, the heavy rolled led roof had to be supported while we inserted the window. This took a lot of time and patience to ensure we achieved perfect alignment and results.

After the restoration. Photo: Ben from Bath Bespoke

We were delighted to see the finished results once the bay window had been fitted. Our client was really happy with the project as well which made the whole process worth it.

If you’re planning a restoration project, find out how we can help. Contact us on 01225 920 900 and tell us all about your project ideas.

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