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Before & After: Unique curved sash window

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 4 April 2017

We have been making heritage sash windows in Bath for a long time; making them in the traditional way, with full mortise and tenon joints, original mouldings, tight scribes and only the best UK manufactured ironmongery. They’re a wonderful feature of period homes. But as they age they often need to be repaired and restored. And that’s where we come in. We’ve been working with local conservation groups, housing companies and home owners across the county for years on repairing stunning period joinery including for buildings such as The Circus in Bath and Bath Abbey.

Last summer, we were asked to replace a stunning curved sash window for a home in Wiltshire. This was one of our favourite window repair projects, as it involved not only meticulous detail and skill, but it also tested our creativity as we had to factor in the curvature of the window and wood into each step of the project. Take a look at the pictures taken through the project and the final results:

  1. The curved window was huge. It made an incredible feature piece in this unique round home.
Curve and bow sash window

2. The team created the sash window in two sections. The bottom section featured eight small rectangle windows.

Ollie Davidson making a curved sash window
3. The team ensured every piece was finished perfectly and sanded properly. This ensured there was a smooth clean surface for the paint to be applied to.

Ollie Davidson making a hardwood curved and bowed sash windows

4. The top section of the window was then created. The top section featured a more elaborate design, with a sun beam pattern.
A hardwood sash window frame by Bath Bespoke

5. Throughout the project, we had to ensure all our measurements were correct to ensure the two sashes fitted together and would slide past each other. All of our sashes are made using full mortise and tenon joints and with scribes that do justice to the original moldings.

Hardwood curved and bowed sash windows

6. The finished result! We installed our top of the range draught proofing system and glass panes, and our paint team finished the window with specialist exterior paint.

A curved and bowed sash window for a client near Marlborough, Wiltshire

There are two main elements to a sliding sash window: The box, which is fitted into the walls; and the sashes, which are the two glazed frames that move up and down. We can repair or replace the sashes with new matching ones, complete with top of the range double glazed units. We only use hardwood or Accoya® for our sashes, which means we offer up to fifty-year guarantees on our work. Our glass options are wide ranging and we are able to achieve U-values of as low as 1.0.

If you’ve got a period sash window in need of repair, find out more about our restoration service and get in touch.