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Smooth ‘Shallows’ fitted wardrobe in family townhouse in Bath

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 14 June 2017

We were recently commissioned to craft a large fitted wardrobe for a family townhouse in Bath. The brief was to craft something simplistic and modern as it was to be fitted into a family room that doubled as the children’s playroom as well as a walk in dressing room. The couple had young children so we wanted to craft something that seamlessly blended into the room, was child-proof but still ultra modern and sophisticated.

After discussing various designs with our clients, we decided on a very simple flush door design. This in fact worked to make the room look larger and helped to refract light around the room. We also crafted a series of bespoke long door handles from birch ply. This added a wonderful bit of detail and tied in well with the exposed birch ply interior. The positioning of the handles worked to draw the eye downwards to the plush silver floor, which elongated the look of the doors, making the room seem taller and more spacious.

We used Little Green Paint Company ‘Shallows’ on the doors. This very light grey worked really well in this room, as it added a little depth without appearing too dark. The young couple completed the room with a light grey on the walls. They also added colourful accessories like the navy blue seat and the ornate silver trunk.

Little Green Company Shallows

Inside we crafted various different storage solutions. We continued the theme from the outside, with a flush style on the drawers and the exposed birch ply edges. Several of the wardrobes housed tiers of shelving, while others included rails for hanging clothes and also pull out drawers.

A simplistic clean finish designed to impress.