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How we make our cabinet door frames

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 19 July 2017

Every day in the workshop is different. While the majority of our joinery work takes place downstairs, upstairs are our highly skilled cabinet makers. While Neil was busy crafting a large wardrobe for one of our client’s in Israel, I caught up with Ben Boyce to find out what he was crafting. Ben joined the team a couple years ago and loves to blend traditional craftsman skills with modern concepts and designs. I found him creating the door frames for a large display cabinet designed for our client in Bath.

Making the door frames

Our cabinet makers usually work on a project each, so every project is a true labour of love. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every one is simply beautiful.

Ben forms the door from four individual pieces of Accoya, jointed with a mortise and tenon joint and set using a rapid setting PU adhesive. He then places the frame in a sash clamp. This holds the frame secure while the adhesive sets. He then measures the diagonal measurements of the frame to check the squareness of the frame.

As seen in this project, all of our joinery and carpentry is handmade using traditional techniques. Each piece, including Ben’s doors, are individually sized to suit the exact requirements of the client and the project.

Like all our cabinet makers, Ben’s factored in the whole crafting process before he even began. This knowledge allows him to overcome any problems and resolve them. One such instance is when the glue dries. All of our doors and frames are made slightly oversized and that’s because when the frame is placed in the clamp, it can cause slight bruising. As such, once the glue has set, Ben gently saws around the edges of the frame to remove any wood that may have been bruised in the process.

Next steps

The doors have been fitted and we’re awaiting to fit the beautiful panes of glass for the display cabinet. The doors below will be primed before Ben gently attaches delicate pieces of leather to create a really unique finish. Also note the brass inlay Ben inserted into the wood which adds a delicate touch of luxury.

The cabinet will be hand painted on site in a stunning navy blue.

We hope to share the finished result with you in a couple weeks. In the meantime take a look at our other cabinet and wardrobe designs and get inspired!