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Making a roof lantern for Bath’s Royal Crescent: Timelapse video

These past couple weeks Arkadiusz has been busy in the workshop crafting a timber roof lantern for Bath’s Royal Crescent. It was a great project to film as it demonstrates how our projects turn from concept to reality. Everything we craft in the workshop is individually sized and crafted, and this project was no different.

The lantern is made up of lots of individual pieces of Accoya timber, which are measured and cut to size. A great example of a craftsman’s skill and dedication to detail.

Take a look at the lantern’s journey: from concept, first cuts to the final build.

Credit to Arkadiusz for his craftsmanship and filming skills. Looks like we’ve got a filmmaker on our hands as well!

We’ll be creating more time lapse videos over the next coming months, showing you how we craft our pieces. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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