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The grey and orange kitchen: From concept to finished results

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 8 November 2017

Last week we received the images from our photographer Billy Bolton, of a really unique kitchen we had crafted in a listed property in Bath. You can see the full results here. It was such an interesting project, that saw us using a plethora of cutting edge materials and introducing new and different designs. During the project we worked closely with our client, who is also a well known architect in London and the local area. He had a clear vision for the type of kitchen he wanted, but we spent some time discussing creative storage solutions and materials.

The design

All of our kitchens are handmade to a specific brief that we either design in house or design with another creative. These drawings provide the exacting measurements and dimensions our makers needs to craft the furniture. For this project, our client was keen to design the kitchen himself, and we spent sometime perfecting his ideas and the choice of materials. From an outside perspective, it’s always interesting to see how these 2D drawings are transformed by our team into beautifully crafted cabinets and we always encourage our clients to visit us in the workshop while their project is being made. You get a totally different perspective on the process and a lot of our clients have said it actually made them appreciate their project more.

These are some of the drawings for the kitchen:


From a close up, you can also see how specific detailing has been added, including measurements and material type.


The grey and orange kitchen

Now you’ve seen the designs, take a look at the finished results! This is a similar angle to what the drawings show. You can see the pull out white larder on the left, crafted from Formica, the large stainless steel fridge, the Valchromat panelling and concealed extractor fan. On the right is the seat recess with concealed storage.

Hanging and wall racks for cutlery and pots

From another angle:

Modern minimal kitchen with orange Velchromat Built in Neff cooker with rack for hanging pots and pans.

For the full results, see here.

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