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Modern fitted bedroom wardrobes in Country Residence: From concept to finished results

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 8 November 2017

We’re excited to share this next project with you because it’s been bubbling in the pipeline for a while. These bespoke fitted wardrobes are just the tip of the iceberg of a larger renovation project we have just finished in Wiltshire. The entire project has seen us design and handcraft a series of fitted wardrobes, furniture and storage solutions for a pantry, a utility room and a boot room. All of which I hope to share with you in the near future.

We were commissioned by Emery Brothers building company, who specialise in high end large projects such as this. We were presented with designs by Fisher ID who were commissioned by the homeowners to design the interior of the house. We like working alongside interior designers and engaging with them in the process of turning concepts into working designs.

This particular fitted wardrobe was designed and crafted for one of the main bedrooms in the property. Alex, our designer, spent a while with Sue Fisher fine tuning the designs. After exploring a couple of ideas, they both settled on the design you can see below.

Concept & Drawings

Alex created a 3D drawing of the design for our client, which showcases the wardrobe and bookcase. The design included an array of different solutions including two large wardrobes, with space for hanging, a central wardrobe for smaller pieces of attire and a unique array of drawers. Each perfectly sized to accommodate particular items, like scarfs, ties and jumpers. Above the wardrobe, a unique bookcase was designed to be accessed from the mezzanine floor above. It also provided a really unique space for decor.

The wardrobe’s design was really minimalist and modern, featuring flat-panel doors and a neutral colour scheme—white and exposed natural timber. These calming tones worked really well together in the room and made for a really sophisticated look.


Finished Results

The fitting team recently returned from the fit, and managed to take some pictures of the finished results. Thanks to Will and Ben from the site team for their camera skills!


As you can see, the wardrobe has been custom crafted to fit exactly in the existing space.


The lower storage solutions blend beautifully into the unique shelving above and the tones really compliment the rest of the room.


It was a great project for all those involved and really showcased the team’s ability to design and craft precise but elegant storage solutions for our client. I hope to share some new pictures from the rest of the project with you soon!