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Sash window restoration in Bath townhouse

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 8 November 2017

A few months ago we were contacted by a couple in Bath who were looking for a specialist to restore their sash windows. The couple lived in a beautiful quintessential townhouse, crafted from iconic Bath stone. The sash windows in the property were in need of restoration, but upon inspection the original sash boxes were still in great condition.

Restoring a period home

As a restorer, we prefer to keep as much of the original joinery as possible. As such, we only removed the sashes and took them back to our workshop. Sashes usually take more wear over the years and are often the reason for heat loss and rattling. They are also more at risk of rot, due to exposure to the elements.

The sashes were beyond repair, and so we handcrafted replicas to match using Accoya. We carefully measured the existing ones, and then replicated them in our workshop using traditional methods. We used our extensive selection of period moulding cutters to replicate exact original details.

In the property, there was a bay window. We carefully removed the sashes, crafted new ones and refitted them.


Sash bay windows in Bath townhouse


Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath

Throughout the property, we fitted the windows with double glazing and our custom draught proofing.

View across Bath from townhouse windows

As seen in this close up, we also fitted new ironmongery to the windows—which, as always, was sourced from a UK maker.

Sash window restoration work


Sash window restoration

We used our own moulding cutters to craft original detailing into the sashes.

Restoration work

Here you can see an example of iconic Bath stone. We ensured the new windows were in keeping with the traditional style, to maintain the heritage of the house, but brought then up to 21st Century thermal standards. This will make a huge amount of difference for the homeowner, not only in warmth but also for the gas bill.

Restored one over one sash windows in Bath property

It was a real pleasure working with this couple and helping to restore their property to its former glory!

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