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Luxurious dressing room with glazed fitted wardrobes

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 14 November 2017

A couple of weeks ago we shared a story with you about the very unique wine wall we had crafted for a client in Bath. This wine wall was part of a much larger project which saw us craft several different storage solutions for the homeowner. One of my favourites has to be this fitted glazed dressing room, crafted next door to the master bedroom. Its soft stone finish and glazed fitted wardrobes are timeless and elegant, while not being overly feminine.

Dressing room

The dressing room featured a series of fitted glazed wardrobes and a dressing table, with a floor length mirror. The interiors were handcrafted by the team from walnut and featured a series of bespoke storage solutions including angled solid walnut shoe shelves and custom-made drawers. We added small yet refined details, including shadow gaping and solid walnut beading around the glass in the doors. We also handcrafted the solid brass handles, which added an element of luxury to the space.


Planning & drawings

When it came to designing the dressing room, we worked closely with our client to develop the perfect solution. Designer Mia Marquez, who collaborates in-house with BB on select projects, then created the concept designs. Our client already had a few ideas, and after several discussions, we were able to refine these designs into what you can see below.

glazed-dressing-room-drawingsThe design team, which included Mia Marquez, Alex and Tom, worked closely to finalise the plans including the colours and materials choices.


Once the plan was drawn up, Alex filled in the technical details and dimensions. This was the plan which Ben and James worked from during the making process. dressing-room-drawings

Extra pictures

Once Ben and James finished making the components for the dressing room, the project was handed to Charlie and Dan, from the fitting team, who carefully fitted each piece into place.


As you can see, each wardrobe was designed with a specific function in mind and was carefully created to make the most of the small narrow room. A really lovely project!