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Before & After: Sash window restoration in Bath

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 15 November 2017

Around two weeks ago we finished another sash window restoration project at a private home at the top of Bath. I’ve just been around today to see the finished results and I’m delighted to share a couple photos of the work with you.


With all of our restoration projects, we like to keep as much of the original joinery as possible. But when something is beyond repair, we replicate it with the original detailing using materials we know will last. After visiting the home and inspecting the windows, unfortunately a lot of the joinery was beyond repair. Older sash windows are vulnerable to rot, tend to rattle and as a result let heat escape from the home.

As such all of the sashes and the majority of the boxes needed to be fully replaced. There were also two sash windows at the back of the home. While the sashes were beyond repair, luckily, the boxes were still in a relatively good condition. We were able to restore these fully, so they looked brand new!



When it came to replacing the sash windows, we removed both the sashes and boxes and crafted totally new ones from Accoya. Accoya is a fantastic timber ideal for external uses. Find out why we use Accoya. Using our moulding cutters, we replicated original details into the new sashes and finished and painted them in house. You can find out more about the process here.

Take a look at the results:

sash-windows-in-bath-4 sash-windows-in-bath-5 sash-windows-in-bath-3 sash-window-details sash-windows-in-bath sash-windows-in-bath-2

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