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Sash windows in a Grade II listed property in Bath: Progress update

For the last couple of weeks, the team have been working on a large sash window restoration project on a Grade II listed building in Bath.

The project so far

This particular project has required us to handcraft 13 bespoke sash windows, all of which have been made and finished in house using traditional methods. Once the timber was cut to size and shape, using special heritage moulding cutters, the team constructed the window. You can see a short time lapse of Chris and Fred below.

After the windows were constructed, they were then primed by the team and finished in house. Last week, our skilled painter Adam Paszyn was busy painting the sash windows we had crafted.

The windows now need to be glazed before being fitting by the team later on next week. I look forward to keeping you updated, and will be sharing pictures of the finished results soon!

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