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See us in The English Home discussing smart kitchen appliances

Despite still being in the run up to Christmas, interior designers across the world have been looking towards next year’s design trends and decorating resolutions for months. All of that thought power has been put into the latest issue of The English Home which explores what’s hot and what’s not for 2018. A few weeks ago we were contacted by one of the magazine’s journalists for our take on next year’s trends, in particular smart kitchen appliances.

As featured in English Home


Kitchen Innovations

Smart kitchen appliances have been on the scene for several years. But their popularity has increased over the last year as more and more people look for clever, time saving appliances to make cooking at home easier. Many of our clients ask us for ways to get the most out of their kitchen, this includes cutting prep time, enhancing dining experiences and exploring new styles of cooking. We create our designs with these thoughts in mind and as well as crafting clever cabinets and bespoke storage solutions we also can use smart appliances to improve the kitchen experience.

But, as we discussed in the article, adding certain technologies into a kitchen can produce jarring results. It’s really important to maintain the feel and flow of the space, especially in a classic kitchen. So whenever we add a modern piece of technology into a design, we take extra care to ensure the look and feel of the space still works perfectly.


You can read our thoughts and more in the January issue of The English Home which is currently on sale.

Tips for adding smart appliances

If you’re considering adding smart appliances into your kitchen, first off, think about colour and materials. In any kitchen, it’s important to maintain the feel and flow of the space. This is especially true of a classic kitchen, so choose appliances in a similar tone or colour scheme. If you’re going modern, you can afford to add pops of colour through your accessories. Likwiese, try to adjust a certain aspect of your own kitchen if you’re limited by appliance colour options. Replace your worktops to compliment the new additions, or repaint the kitchen cabinets. Likewise try to choose size appropriate smart appliances. You want them to enhance your kitchen, not to look bulky and awkward.

With all appliances, you also need to factor in storage space. Some appliances like cooking devices, scales and coffee machines may need to be packed away to de-clutter your worktops. Think about useful internal storage solutions that make it easy to retrieve these items at a moments notice.

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