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What are the advantages of bespoke furniture?

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 6 June 2018

Here at Bath Bespoke, we pride ourselves on designing and crafting beautifully made bespoke furniture. While you may be able to pick up a bookcase, a ready to fit kitchen or a standard size table on the high street, you won’t be able to find custom-made pieces like those our team crafts in our Winsley workshop.

Why choose Bath Bespoke furniture?

As with all of our furniture and joinery,  every piece the team creates has been designed and made in-house to exacting specifications. The timber has been carefully selected, then prepared, cut, shaped, finished and painted by our team in-house, before adding carefully selected ironmongery like our handles, hinges and locks.

Created in collaboration with Mia Marquez.
Created in collaboration with Mia Marquez.

By creating everything in-house we not only ensure the quality of our furniture, but we also ensure that everything has been produced to high environmental standards. As one of the few solar-powered joineries in the country, we strive to create beautiful furniture in the most eco-friendly way possible. That includes ensuring our timber is FSC approved, the finishes we use are free of harmless solvents and that any waste materials are properly recycled or re-used in alternatives way. (Our waste sawdust provides the bedding for cows at the nearby farm.)

So choosing a bespoke piece of furniture not only ensures its quality but it also means its custom-made to suit you and your home—potentially for a lifetime. The great thing about bespoke furniture is that everything is customisable, from the materials, the colours, the style, right down to the storage.

The benefits of customisable storage

Greater flow in a room

By getting to choose exactly where you want your storage to go, you’ll be able to determine the feel and flow of the room. It also allows you to create smaller zones, perfect for spaces which are open plan or broken plan.  For example, in a kitchen, you can determine where you want your cutlery drawer to be, how close your drink cabinets is to your fridge freezer, where your food prep area is in relation to your spice rack or your vegetable store. Each of these details will determine how you can use this space for the better.

Hand painted cabinets in Farrow and Ball Railings
Created in collaboration with Joel Bugg Furniture.

Designed to suit your lifestyle

Whatever your lifestyle, bespoke furniture can be designed to work around and for you. If you love cooking, we can design kitchen cabinets with integrated spice racks, cupboards with deep storage for large pans, easy soft close slab doors, large pull out larders and integrated appliances. If you’re more into the dining experience, a large kitchen island with surround seating may be more your thing. Perhaps with integrated USB ports to charge your music station. If it’s reading or relaxing on the sofa you prefer, custom-made shelving and bookcases can be designed with an integrated widescreen TV and surround sound.


Some bespoke storage that we create can also be interchanged dependant on your needs later down the line. For one of our recent kitchen projects, we designed and created some cutlery drawer dividing inserts, which could be interchanged dependant on what cutlery our clients were using most frequently.

Walnut cutlery drawer

Clear and decluttered

One of the most obvious and greatest attributes of bespoke storage is that it helps to clear and declutter your space. If you have storage solutions which are right for you and your family, you’ll be more likely to make use of them. Plus it means your possessions will be neatly stored away, not only protecting them for later use but also making them easier to access next time around.


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