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5 most popular Shaker kitchen handles

Our handles add the final touch to your kitchen cabinets. They are functional, beautifully made and work to enhance your kitchen design; whether their style be traditional, contemporary or eclectic. Handles come in all different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes which can make choosing one quite difficult. Traditionally, Shaker kitchens use knob style handles for the doors and cup style handles for the drawers. But there is no need to be tied to tradition. Experimenting with styles can often lead to something very original and exciting.

Through partnering with the some of the finest UK ironmongery brands in the country including Armac Martin and Oliver Knights, we’re able to offer a wide range of beautiful handles to perfectly compliment your Shaker kitchen. A selection of these can be seen in our showroom, or through our partners’ websites. Below we’re showcasing five of the most popular styles, starting with the classic cup handle design.

Classic Cup Handle

Cup handles are the traditional choice for Shaker kitchen drawers. While our most popular style is the polished chrome plate cup handle from Armac Martin, this style comes in a range of finishes including burnished brass and antiqued silver.

We designed this large kitchen for a client in Wiltshire.

We designed this large kitchen for a client in Wiltshire.

The range also includes door knobs and door latches.

The Cotswold Collection from Armac Martin

The Cotswold Collection from Armac Martin.

Square Cup Handle

While still in keeping with tradition, the square cup handle offers a twist on the classic design. This chunkier handle works well to give the Shaker kitchen a modern twist or to add a industrial vibe to the space. Available in over 20 finishes which include chocolate bronze, antique copper and satin brass, the square cup handle also comes in various widths and lengths to suit the size of your kitchen.

Designer white corian counter top

Kitchen finished in Farrow and Ball Monkey Puzzle paint.

Square cup handle from Armac Martin

Square cup handle from Armac Martin.

Embellished Cup Handle

Another twist on the classic cup handle, the embellished handle adds an artistic touch to kitchen cabinets. This style works well on neutral tone and dark coloured cabinets to add extra detailing which draws the eye.

Aberdovey collection from Armac Martin.

Aberdovey collection from Armac Martin.

Long Pull Handle

For those looking to add a modern touch to their Shaker kitchen, long pull handles are the way to go. This style has become particular popular for those in newly built homes, with modern interiors. Long pull handles can be used for both drawers and doors, or a mixture of long handles and door knobs can be used. The Boldmere Pull handle from Armac Martin is particularly popular for its clean lines and modern matt finish.

We designed this kitchen for a client's country home.

We designed this kitchen for a client’s country home.

Handles from Armac Martin

Handles from Armac Martin

Handles from Armac Martin

Handles from Armac Martin

Eclectic Handle

For those looking for something really unique, then look beyond tradition. Go bold with a geometric shape, or a colour finish that contrasts your cabinets.

Bromsgrove-handles-armac-martin Kitchen drawer pull handle by Armac Martin Kitchen cabinet knob by Armac Martin

Tips for choosing the right handle

  • Consider what finished result you’d like to create. Do you want your handles to compliment your existing style or contrast it?
  • Keep functionality in mind. While form is important, the handles are ultimately there to serve a purpose.
  • Don’t opt for handles that are too large. You don’t want to keep bashing them as your pass through the kitchen.
  • Keep unity. Mixing your style of handle doesn’t normally work and results in a kitchen that looks chaotic.
  • Choose well made handles produced in the UK.
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