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We love these eco-friendly handles made from ocean plastic!

These cabinet handles from Spark and Burnish are the ultimate eco-friendly accessory for your furniture. Designed by Vert Design Studio for Spark and Burnish, they are made from ocean plastic which has been collected and broken down into pellets which are then moulded into shape.

The ultimate eco handle


Plus, with every sale, a donation is made to Sea Shepherd—an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation. As well as the Great Barrier Reef Foundation who work tirelessly to protect the reef, its inhabitants as well as the surrounding area.

Our eco initiatives

These handles are not only beautiful in design but also in their make. It’s fantastic to see how other companies are working to protect our environment—especially in such innovative ways. We think they’d look gorgeous on one of our own eco-kitchens.

To find out more information on what we’re doing to protect the environment, see here.


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