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Project TIG in the making: A bespoke library with a secret door

Project TIG has been designed and created for a wonderful client who lives in Bath. She was looking for a piece of carefully considered furniture that could home her collection of books and journals. Tom spent time with our client considering every detail of her project, from the type of storage she required to the extra details that would set this piece of furniture out from the rest.

Once the designs were complete our expert maker Neil set about building the library, cutting and shaping highly sustainable birch ply, Accoya and tulip wood. The mouldings were also carefully copied and created to replicate those in our client’s own beautiful home.


What’s extra special about this library is that it features a concealed ‘secret’ doorway – made with a bespoke pivot system. The door looks as part of the furniture but will open to a storage area behind.


Neil also created a custom rolling staircase – which rolls along the metal bar above. This allows for easy access to the books above.


The entire library is now ready to be dissembled to be carefully spray painted in house by Adam and the paint team. Our client has chosen a timeless dark grey shade for the library (F&B Railings) and I can’t wait to see the results!

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