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Project Broak in the pipeline: New windows for a SIPs timber frame home

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 22 August 2018

It’s a really exciting time for us at Bath Bespoke HQ because we’re just about to start on a new ultra eco project. We were recently contacted by a young family who live not far from our workshop in Winsley. The young couple are dairy farmers and are just as passionate about the environment and eco-builds as we are. As such they are in the process of building their own eco-home from scratch. The new build is being created using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels.) These revolutionary panels now account for 8% of all UK self build construction systems. They are cut to size off site and can be constructed in a matter of days.

SIPs Home

See this time lapse video of a SIPs home being created by Russian construction company Eco City. They are proving really popular around the world, with many new homes being constructed in mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye.

Project Broak in the Pipeline

This sounded a really exciting and unique project so we were delighted when we were asked to create the bespoke casement windows for the couple’s new home. What’s extra special is the story behind the wood that will be used for the windows. For our client used to work as a ground worker in a local construction company.  Four years ago he was working on a project that involved digging out a large area for a lake. It was here that he found a large oak tree. After logging, he realised the tree was actually Brown Oak!

Brown Oak is technically not a distinct species of oak, but rather refers to oak (almost always English Oak or another European species) that has been infected with a fungus. This fungus (Fistulina hepatica) has the effect of turning the wood a deep brown colour. Once the wood has been cut and dried, the fungus dies, leaving a rich golden brown lumber. This timber is highly prized, and the rich aged look is absolutely gorgeous! It’s amazing to think it’s the result of fungus.

This table was created by Johnson Furniture using Brown Oak. Simply stunning!

The young couple wanted their windows made from the Brown Oak and so Tom recently visited the couple to check the wood’s moisture content. (Wood must be dried, with the right moisture content before it can be cut and used.) Whether by chance, or luck, the wood was at the perfect moisture content and so was ready to be used!

The next steps

We’re now in the process of finalising our design plans and the windows will be constructed by our skilled joiner Chris Fraser in the next coming weeks. We’ll keep you updated on the project’s progress and we can’t wait to see how beautiful these windows, and the house, will be.