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Pinterest is a great resource for everything from design and interior inspiration to cooking, fashion and crafts. It’s one of the most well-loved platforms of designers, architects and interior design lovers and it’s a great place to look for inspiration when you’re starting out on your own interiors project.

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We’ve made it easy to find our projects and other pictures that will inspire you by organising our boards via specific features. From our boards organised around colours, to those organised around features and functions like kitchens designed for entertaining, or Georgian inspired decor and country style doors. It’s never been easier to find things that will inspire you.


Plus by being on Pinterest, we can create group boards. That means you can pin any images you like in a specific board for your project. You can invite us to join your board which means we can also add pins we think you’ll like. These images can then be used as inspiration to create concept designs for your new furniture and interiors. Pinterest works as a virtual mood board and can be really helpful, especially during the initial stages, to discover the styles you like.


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So follow us on Pinterest and see all of our latest projects and pictures.

Be sure to email us on if you have any questions setting up or creating your group boards.

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