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Why buy bespoke?

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 3 February 2020

With just the beginnings of an idea, some inspiration and professional design expertise, your space can be transformed, and by association, your daily life…

Our surroundings have the ability to make a hugely positive difference to our daily lives and wellbeing, and the importance of creating a space that complements and improves our lives shouldn’t be underestimated.

Library bookcase with secret door and ladderBut to do this, the design of our homes has to be carefully considered and compromise on style, function and practicality can often be part of creating an interior space. Rarely does the optimum solution already exist with so many factors to be taken into account – fit, finish, materials, design and size.

Creating bespoke pieces that suit you, your family and your space provides the solution.

Every bespoke commission we tackle begins with either an idea or a challenge within a space. We create an intelligent design solution that brings these elements together into an interior scheme made for you, in partnership with you.


The benefits of bespoke…


Made to measure

Bespoke furniture is made to ensure a perfect fit. Whether it’s a period property boasting sloping floors, uneven walls or existing heritage detailing to work around, or a modern build that requires furniture of a particular scale, custom made furniture is designed and made to fit seamlessly into the space.

Innovative materials 

Instead of settling on the closest tone or type from pre-selected options, when you work in partnership with a designer and their industry knowledge, you have the ability to tailor your scheme to your desired aesthetic. Finish, colour and quality are all within your control.

The opportunity to choose distinct materials for individual pieces, dependent on their suitability and your designs, allows much greater scope for innovation and a truly unique design that will last a lifetime.

Modern white and blue kitchen with oak orangeryBuilt to last

Bespoke furniture that has been designed and handmade for a specific space and purpose takes time and dedication to create. It is made with care and attention to detail incorporated at every step of the process and, by its nature, it won’t fit or perform unless it is made to the highest standards.

At Bath Bespoke, we go one step further to ‘future-proof’ our designs. We use environmentally friendly finishes alongside sustainably sourced materials and operate using some of the most sustainable practices possible in the industry. We create furniture that minimises its impact on society and will last for generations not seasons.

Defined style

Pre-existing pieces of furniture aren’t always conducive to bringing your individual sense of style to a space – compromise usually becomes part of the scheme to accommodate what is available, creating a version of the space that is almost what you might have envisioned. Working in partnership with a designer you have the opportunity to bring to life design concepts entirely unique to you.

An expert eye

Working in partnership with a talented designer helps to develop your ideas into a coherent scheme. An experienced, expert eye can develop the scope of your space to maximise its potential, as well as offering up practical, pragmatic guidance when needed (so you don’t get attached to over-optimistic expectations or find yourself compromising further down the line due to unidentified issues). Ultimately, this ensures the best possible scheme for your space.

And, as our homes become increasingly important as a space to retreat, relax and restore our reserves, surely it makes sense to ensure these spaces are the absolute best they can be? Unique to our style and bespoke to our needs, to improve our lives every day.