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Ten reasons to choose Bath Bespoke

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 29 August 2020

We share our top ten reasons why we take great pride in what we do, and the way we’ve chosen to operate our business…

1. Over a decade of experience. 

We design, manufacture and install luxury bespoke interiors including custom-made kitchens, freestanding and built-in furniture, wood flooring, joinery and windows.

The company began in 2009 when school friends James Etheridge and Tom Jones-Marquez joined forces. Having worked together in a Wiltshire joinery and on private commissions, they took the leap and ventured into business together.

Over the last decade or so, they have gained extensive experience and developed an exceptionally skilled workshop and design team in order to bring really special design concepts to life.

2. In partnership with you.

Working with architects, interior designers and private clients, our skilled, passionate team use their experience and expertise to create traditionally handmade, bespoke furniture and joinery from carefully selected, sustainable materials. Working closely with our clients, we deliver distinctive and imaginative solutions to help create truly unique living spaces.

3. Committed to sustainability. 

Operating responsibly and reducing the environmental impact of our furniture and joinery has been at the heart of the business since the beginning and we operate using some of the most sustainable practices possible in the industry.

For example, our team of skilled carpenters work away in a workshop with machinery and lights powered by solar panels while a WT10 wood burner, fully compliant with the clean air act, is used to burn wood waste and convert it into energy to heat the space during the winter.

4. Certified materials and innovative finishes.

We only work with FSC or PEFC certified wood and our main supplier heavily supports environmental initiatives to protect and replenish the environment from which it takes. We also actively seek out developments in the materials used; we are an Accoya® Approved Manufacturer, working with this modified timber to produce furniture doors, frames and painted joinery.

We have also introduced an innovative composite decking to our portfolio. A sustainable, ethical and environmentally-friendly product, this material is composed of recycled plastics and FSC wood flour.

And, to ensure we uphold our sustainable credentials throughout the entire production process, all our paint is water-based and is significantly lower in VOC’s than alternatives on the market. Likewise, the next-generation oil coating we use to protect our wood is the first and only oil in the world that doesn’t contain VOCs or solvents and is completely environmentally friendly.

5. Made to measure.

Our bespoke furniture is made to ensure a perfect fit. Whether it’s a period property boasting sloping floors, uneven walls or existing heritage detailing to work around, or a modern build that requires furniture of a particular scale, our custom made furniture is designed and made to fit seamlessly into the space.

6. Skilled craftsmanship.

Adding real heritage to every creation, each and every piece is designed and crafted with its own character by our skilled team of craftsmen with unprecedented attention to detail.

One cabinet maker is allocated per job so you can be sure one person has dedicated consistent time, care and attention to your project, and the dialogue between the designers and production team carries through until the last detail, refining and smoothing any rough edges remaining with a fresh pair of eyes.

7. Built to last.

Bespoke furniture that has been designed and handmade for a specific space and purpose takes time and dedication to create. It is made with care and attention to detail incorporated at every step of the process and, by its nature, it won’t fit or perform unless it is made to the highest standards.

8. Expert input.

Working in partnership with our team of skilled professionals helps to develop your ideas into a coherent scheme.

An experienced, expert eye can develop the scope of your space to maximise its potential, as well as offering up practical, pragmatic guidance when needed (so you don’t get attached to over-optimistic expectations or find yourself compromising further down the line due to unidentified issues). Ultimately, this ensures the best possible scheme for your space.

9. A defined style.

Pre-existing pieces of furniture aren’t always conducive to bringing your individual sense of style to a space – compromise usually becomes part of the scheme to accommodate what is available, creating a version of the space that is almost what you might have envisioned.

Working in partnership with our design team, you have the opportunity to bring to life design concepts that are entirely unique to you.

10. Support local.

We support local suppliers and trades whenever we can, promoting independent business, enterprise and innovation wherever possible and we actively champion like-minded friends, who share our approach to business.