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The Modern House

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 4 February 2021

An estate agency like no other, The Modern House sells the most incredible design-led homes in urban and rural locations in the UK” Evening Standard

As long time fans of “one of the best things in the world” as voted by GQ, we take a moment to consider what makes The Modern House an estate agent with an inimitable difference and a host of shared values with Bath Bespoke.

Design as a force for good

Founded in 2005 by Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill, “The Modern House is an estate agency that helps people live in more thoughtful and beautiful ways. We believe in design as a powerful force for good” – an ideal we couldn’t agree more with.

An authority on good design, their name is inspired by F.R.S. Yorke’s celebrated book ‘The Modern House’ (1934), which introduced Modern Movement architecture to a British audience.

Today, inspired by the principles of modernism, The Modern House represents design-led homes across the UK which celebrate light, space and a truth to materials. They understand the value of well-designed homes, embracing an ethos of thoughtful, considered design close to our hearts, and champion only the best in the UK.

They specialise in design-led, architecturally intriguing properties from former factories to art deco gems, modernist estates, urban spaces, loft conversions, new-builds and even partnerships with Turner prize-winning architects Assemble.

With over 400, 000 social media followers and an average of 40 press articles per month, alongside their own award-winning design blog, they have developed something of a cult following and their online editorial platform, magazine and podcast now serve a public who are as happy thinking about these unusual homes as buying them. (Their Instagram account has the largest number of followers globally of any estate agent.)

Celebrate and sell

The Modern’s House approach of celebrating design imbues their brand with a level of integrity we can’t fail to admire, something akin to what we at Bath Bespoke also aim to do – celebrating good design and its ability to impact positively on society and, by extension, the world at large. Accordingly, they embrace the guise of so much more than merely a means to marry seller and buyer – their online presence and brand are carefully curated to both inspire aspirations in many and engage those with homes of a suitable design-led criteria…

Their award-winning online design and lifestyle magazine, The Journal, showcases inspiring homes from influencers and tastemakers. You’ll find a Cultural Diary featuring monthly round-ups of the best to see, read and do, Modern Recipes offer tempting culinary inspiration, Residents Guides sharing insider insight into towns and cities around the UK and House Style which delves into the intricacies of the interior design schemes which help bring these special properties to life.

An online shop offers enviable ‘moving in’ merchandise and their Directory is presented as ‘a sourcebook for modern living’ featuring an A to Z of architects, designers and brands endorsed by The Modern House (including Bath Bespoke).

They have also published two books on Modern architecture and design, and become recognised experts on the subject.


Moving beyond Modernism, 2021 sees the team expand into historic homes – an exciting industry development to observe which will extend their reach into period properties and classical design eras.

Named after the 17th-century self-taught draftsman, architect and painter Inigo Jones, who kick-started a golden age of home design, Inigo will provide a listings platform for historic properties and different aesthetics to the very particular feel of The Modern House.

Covering urban and rural locations across Britain, they aim to connect discerning individuals with extraordinary spaces ranging from grand Victorian villas to humble workers cottages, no matter the price or provenance. “Inigo as a brand is optimistic, colourful and a bit irreverent and, at a time when we know people are thinking about their homes more than ever, we hope that it will really resonate,” says Matt Gibberd, Co-Founder of The Modern House.

Showcasing their expert credentials, Inigo also hosts an online magazine, The Almanac featuring ‘stories, notes and jottings’ on homes with history and lessons in craft alongside architectural analysis.