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Contemporary bathroom design

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 26 February 2021

Whilst your bathroom is a functional space first and foremost, that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its own in the style stakes.

The time we spend in the bathroom can be precious or practical. The design of the space must allow for both essential, daily ablutions as well as luxurious relaxation as a means of retreat. So, not only should it function well, it should be designed for optimal comfort and luxury.

Tactile but durable materials, intelligent storage solutions and a keen eye for detail must come together to create contemporary luxury in bathrooms. We’ve brought together some of our bathroom cabinetry projects to showcase some of these design fundamentals in action…

A mix of materials

Marble sink basin and oak bathroom vanity unitMixing materials in a bathroom scheme helps introduce texture, warmth and tactility, moving away from the clinical and imbuing the space with a character unique to the space.

This contemporary twin sink unit was crafted from oak and finished with pink marble basins, tying the scheme in with an abundance of freshly sawn oak joinery within this countryside home.

The rustic, honest design and traditional construction of the unit provided an elegant, complementary focal point to this ensuite.



Simple details

Apartment renovation - oak bathroom cabinetry
Image: The Modern House

Simple details can make all the difference. Bathrooms are not rooms designed for excessive clutter or ornament so each and every design detail should be considered (especially if space is at a premium).

Utilise wall space wisely and consider how it might be work for practical additions like shelving or mirrors, or aesthetic elements such as tiling or colour.

In this compact bathroom, a clean line of oak shelving complemented by a mirror backdrop to increase the sense of space provided practical storage while also serving to add character.



A room with a view  

Thoughtful joinery detail can elevate a bathroom scheme, shifting the focus of the room and creating new points of interest (within structural bounds, naturally).

Consider the view you might like to gaze upon from the tub and how the scheme might facilitate this.

This corner window framed in walnut was introduced to provide both a pocket of natural light and an outdoor aspect to act as a tonal contrast to the striking monochrome design scheme.




Mirror, mirror…

Mirrored surfaces bounce light around the space and help introduce a lightness of touch to the scheme concealing practical storage or unsightly pipes.

This bathroom vanity unit was created as a storage solution for a master bedroom en-suite and finished with an elegant Cararra marble top.

Keeping the lines clean and the floating-effect of the cupboards uncluttered, a push-to-open mechanism was used on the lower storage drawers while the panels above hid sink waste pipes.



Let there be light

Sash window restoration in a Grade II listed home

Wherever possible, maximise natural light; in answer to both practical and aesthetic concerns.

Natural light is optimal for the tasks we need to perform in the bathroom and that connection with the great outdoors makes for the most soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

Consider windows carefully, from glazing to draught-excluding, bathroom windows are an anchoring element of the scheme.

Beyond this, it’s also important to consider what task lighting or mood lighting might be desirable in the space to allow the room to be flexible enough to respond to the likely variety of needs and wants.