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2022: a year with a sense of soul

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 24 January 2022

As we look to the year ahead, we take a moment to consider how the interior design landscape might evolve in this inter-pandemic age…

While we’re not a trend-driven business, (good design which is handmade to last will outlive trends all the way), we are mindful that our designs stay relevant whilst embracing our core principles. With this in mind, we examine how relaxed forms, restorative materials and a rejuvenating colour palette will characterise 2022.

Biophilic materials

Concealed bedroom in Georgian apartment

With an increasing emphasis on biophilic design, a focus on introducing more texture and depth to our space will affect the materials we choose to introduce into our home and use to create our interior schemes.

Plaster, clay and lime washes on walls alongside contemporary home accents crafted from tactile, rich-toned materials such as wood, bronze, and leather will inspire our homes. Careful consideration will be give to how the raw, imperfect nature of these organic materials can introduce depth and texture whilst also ushering in the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors.

Immersing our interiors in humble, natural textures will reset our minds and freshen our homes – introducing balance and a sense of soul.

Comforting curves

Curved wardrobes in bedroom

The familiarity found in rounded geometry brings an inviting sense of relaxation to a space – ideal for constructing a soothing oasis to retreat to at home.

A curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly and welcoming; complementary to the notion of introducing balance and rejuvenation via natural materials, furniture and homewares with soft edges and organic curves will create a memorable home, full of character.

A move away from the more standard structured forms and angular lines to the curvaceous allows for the development of gentle, mindful spaces in which we can nurture mind, body and soul.

Invite the outdoors in

Restorative materials and relaxing curves are set to be brought to life with rejuvenating shades of green. Drawing inspiration from the core colour of the rolling hills and sweeping landscapes that surround us, we can invite the outdoors in and embrace the power of nature to uplift and revitalise.

Be it evergreen, fern, sage or moss, a colour palette drawing inspiration from a plethora of nature-inspired green tones is gaining momentum –  Pinterest has seen searches for green interior inspiration increase by 80 per cent over the past year.

The main positive psychological properties green communicates are peace, balance and harmony. It can rejuvenate and restore, giving the feeling of being connected to nature and feeling safe and secure – a very fitting hue to help us and our homes move through this inter-pandemic age.

Considered consumption

Large format parquet flooring in European oak2022 will see a further focus on sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing. Investing in disposable, transient furniture and homewares is on track to become an outmoded approach to interior decoration.

Conscious consumption choices will be made, based on brands that advocate sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing methods, minimising waste or work to produce items with a cyclical lifespan that allow for end-of-life recycling or re-purposing.

Sustainability is fast becoming (as it should) a key design principle – a mindset shift that will see individuals take the time to seek out high-quality interior design solutions that are designed and made with integrity and don’t cost the earth.

Nurturing spaces

Our outdoor spaces will become extensions of our interior design schemes that will be looked at anew with imaginative methods to seamlessly blend outside and in.

The humble balcony, patio, terrace or deck will be reimagined as another room with careful consideration of the outdoor furniture as we continue to spend more time entertaining outdoors.

Experimenting with unique hanging installations, staircase gardens and green walls will continue to flourish in 2022, with an emphasis on creating soothing, plant-filled environments that can be nurtured to nurture us.