Lansdown Crescent Interior

Georgian buildings are never the easiest to restore, but the results are usually very pleasing.

This listed apartment in Lansdown Crescent had suffered a fair bit over the years – wonky floors, wonky walls and some poor ‘developments’ meant we needed to strip back and start again.

We quickly developed a productive and enjoyable working relationship with our client, one of the UK’s best young fashion designers. It’s always great to be given clear and creative briefs, which we can adapt and shape with our technical recommendations.

Lansdown Crescent Interior

First up was to remove all of the carpet and chipboard flooring. We could then inspect the joists, replacing and levelling where appropriate. After a bit of re-wiring and plumbing we were ready for the laying of a beautiful 200mm wide character oak floorboard, finished in house.

A new level floor allowed us to fit new bespoke skirting boards, copied by our machinists to match the original elsewhere in the building. The walls and ceilings were repaired with lime plaster, allowing them to continue to breathe.

Once the messy bits were completed, we designed and made a new kitchen, huge master wardrobe, bathroom, windows, living room and hallway storage and then decorated the property with fresh tones, helping with the light.

This was a good example of the fun that can be had when client and company are on the same page, and an opportunity for us to show the extent of our services – design, build and installation.

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