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Tag: Accoya Timber

Wooden front door with glass

Wooden front doors with glass

26 June 2018

The entrance to a home is incredibly important. It’s the first thing you see on the way in and the last thing you touch on the way…

Accoya front door for a modern family home near Bath

13 September 2017

A few months ago we were asked by a family in Saltford, near Bath, to help them with the renovation of their home. Alongside fitting some beautiful…

Making a roof lantern for Bath’s Royal Crescent: Timelapse video

16 August 2017

These past couple weeks Arkadiusz has been busy in the workshop crafting a timber roof lantern for Bath’s Royal Crescent. It was a great project to film as…

Painted elegant joinery crafted from Accoya

Accoya®: the world’s leading long life sustainable wood

30 March 2017

The result of decades of research and development, Accoya® is a high performance, long life modified wood. We use Accoya® for all external painted joinery, windows and our furniture and…

Heritage Double Glazed Sash Windows in a Grade II Listed Building

28 November 2014

Installing double glazing into heritage buildings is a delicate art. By using new double glazing technology we are able to manufacture new windows that exactly match the…