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Tag: Sash Window Projects

Casement windows in stone home near Bath

U-values for windows explained

29 November 2017

Our guide to U-values for windows U-values are becoming increasingly important for architects, builders and homeowners, as the need for energy efficient and sustainable housing becomes more…

Sash windows in a Grade II listed property in Bath: Progress update

28 November 2017

For the last couple of weeks, the team have been working on a large sash window restoration project on a Grade II listed building in Bath. The…

Victorian, double glazed sash windows

Double glazing for listed buildings

22 November 2017

Over the years, we have developed extensive experience in working with listed buildings and the associated rules, regulations and restrictions. We can help guide you through the entire process…

Before & After: Sash window restoration in Bath

15 November 2017

Around two weeks ago we finished another sash window restoration project at a private home at the top of Bath. I’ve just been around today to see…

Sash window restoration in Bath townhouse

8 November 2017

A few months ago we were contacted by a couple in Bath who were looking for a specialist to restore their sash windows. The couple lived in…

Sash Windows at Royal Crescent in Bath

Sash window restoration at the Royal Crescent in Bath

18 October 2017

In our bid to future proof Bath’s heritage, we’ve been asked along to some incredible projects. Our latest involved restoring some sash windows in one of the…

Restored sash windows in a modern apartment

Sash windows in a modern apartment in Bath

24 May 2017

While some of the team were busy fitting the bedroom dressers and walk in dressing room in Bradford on Avon this week, our specialist joinery team were…

Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath

Fitting sash windows in a Georgian townhouse in Bath

18 April 2017

Creating and restoring sash windows is one of our favourite projects at Bath Bespoke. We have a specialised team who’ve trained for years in restoring heritage joinery,…

Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath

Restoring a rotten window frame and sashes

18 April 2017

Original sash windows are an essential part of our heritage. They’re a distinctive feature of period houses across the UK, from town houses and cottages to stately…

Heritage window restoration in Bristol and Bath

Draught proofing your heritage sash windows will save in the long run

11 April 2017

The mechanics of a sash window dictate that gaps must exist between the sashes and the window parts, in order to allow them to move up and…

Hardwood timber window frames by Bath Bespoke

Before & After: Unique curved sash window

4 April 2017

We have been making heritage sash windows in Bath for a long time; making them in the traditional way, with full mortise and tenon joints, original mouldings,…

Painted elegant joinery crafted from Accoya

Accoya®: the world’s leading long life sustainable wood

30 March 2017

The result of decades of research and development, Accoya® is a high performance, long life modified wood. We use Accoya® for all external painted joinery, windows and our furniture and…