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Tag: sustainable business

Oak parquet flooring

Is this the floor you’re looking for?

26 February 2020

As beautiful as they are practical, wooden floors have long been a popular choice for bringing an elegant character to a space. This natural material invites the…


Linoleum leather

10 December 2018

Designers, material scientists and entrepreneurs around the world have been working to find a vegetarian and vegan alternative to leather and now Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Don…

Waugh Thistleton Architects: MultiPly

Responsible Design

27 November 2018

Hot on the heels of our recent win as Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer at the Made in the South West awards, we take a look at the rise of…

Made in the South West Awards

Winner! Sustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award

14 November 2018

Made in the South West awards celebrate the diversity of the region We were pleased and really rather proud to win the┬áSustainable/Ethical Manufacturer Award in recognition of…