Double Glazing

Looking to improve the thermal performance of your sash windows, reduce noise pollution and save money on heating?

If you are looking to improve the thermal performance of your sash windows, then double glazed sash windows are a fantastic option. It reduces energy costs. Improves energy efficiency by up to 30% and future proofs your home.

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One of the great things about sash windows is that double glazing can be installed, in most cases, without changing the entire window. Reducing the level of disruption to the rest of the property. This saves time and money without compromising on performance.

Our double glazed sash windows bring thermal efficiency previously impossible in period windows. Our skilled craftsmen replicate the exact style and detail of your existing sashes to maintain the traditional character and architecture of your property.

Skilled craftsmen with high-tech solutions

There are two main elements to a sliding sash window: The box, which is fitted into the walls; and the sashes, which are the two glazed frames that move up and down. In most cases, we can fit top of the range double glazed units into your original box sash. This saves a great deal of work and disruption in two respects: we don’t have to manufacture new boxes; and we don’t have to disturb plaster work by installing new boxes. The window boxes need to be timber and in good or repairable condition in order for us to complete this work.

Restoration work

Our approach

We install slim glazing units. This enables us to manufacture sliding sashes using traditional methods, including solid glazing bars (instead of ones attached to the glass) which help to retain the window’s authenticity.  Our glass options are wide ranging and we are able to achieve U values of as low as 1.0. For homes in conservation areas we use specialist 11mm thick glass that is generally approved by English Heritage.

As part of our installation of new sashes for existing boxes, we always install our top of the range draught proofing system and restore, repair and paint the existing window boxes. We also include new lead weights to counterbalance the heavier glass, and new brass furniture in the original style.