Draught Proofing

The best improvement in thermal efficiency for sliding sash windows.

The mechanics of a sash window dictate that gaps must exist between the sashes and the window parts, in order to allow them to move up and down. When they were initially built, there was nothing to fill those gaps so original windows were draughty, rattled and were sometimes badly fitted. Lots of period homes still experience this problem and we know, first hand, that there’s nothing worse than feeling that chilly draught across the room, forcing you to spend a fortune in heating.

That’s why, for traditional homes and listed buildings, we recommend fitting high quality, professional draught proofing that prevents heat loss, while still allowing enough ventilation into your building. The improved ventilation and air flow control in the home, also helps to reduce damp and condensation.

Sash window bars

Our approach

Our clever draught proofing system consists of several sophisticated brushes and seals that we discretely install into the window box and the sashes.

To start with, we remove the existing sashes and take them back to our workshop. We remove the four inner staff beading, which enables us to lift out the lower sliding sash. The two vertical parting beads are then removed followed by the upper sliding sash. Any rot issues are repaired, the boxes are sanded down and cleaned.

A groove is routed out along the central length of the top rail of the upper sash. The draught-proof carrier is placed within the groove and hard wearing weatherproof brushes are slid into the carrier. These brushes provide a seal between the upper sash and the top of the sash box, eliminating any draughts when the window is closed.

Sash window restoration work

This same process is repeated on the lower sash. The process is unobtrusive and does not alter the traditional character of the sash windows. We restore the window box, repairing where necessary, and rehang the sashes with great care.

We fit the strongest industry grade waxed cotton cord, service the pulleys, and put everything back together as it should be.

Exceptional attention to detail

We do things a little differently to most of our competitors. As we are a fully operational joinery with a vast range of period moulding cutters, we also manufacture all of our own beads. These beads match the originals exactly, keeping the character of the property. Small details go a long way in period restoration.