Full Restoration

Our full restoration service transforms a sash window back to its former glory.

Concerned your sash windows have deteriorated so much that simply adding double glazing won’t work? It’s a common problem. But one that we can fix.

Our specialist team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in restoring period joinery, and can restore your windows to their former glory.

Working in a joinery

Skilled craftsmen with high-tech solutions

There are many different reasons why restoration work needs to take place. After years of use, sash windows can become worn, draughty and noisy. Another key issue is rot. In order to restore a sash window, we first need to identify the problems.

Our craftsmen begin by examining your window and identifying which parts need restoring. It may be just the sashes, but maybe the whole window. After returning to the workshop, we’re able to carefully and meticulously restore the window. This includes treating the wood, replacing aspects, sanding and future-proofing the timber. We coat and prime the wood and paint the window in our own workshop. This ensures we’re involved in every part of the restoration.

We also fit draught proofing into the sashes, and can fit double glazing panes. This dramatically improves the thermal and acoustic efficiency of the window. For conservation areas, our glass options may vary. We’re able to restore existing ironmongery, or can source original style fittings to replicate your old ones.

Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath

The result is a window that looks and feels brand new.

Take a look at one of our recent projects…

Original sash windows are an essential part of our heritage. They’re a distinctive feature of period homes across the UK, from town houses and cottages to stately manors and mansions. As such restoring them is an important part of keeping this heritage alive.

Restoring a sash window



This restoration project was for a Grade II listed building. We removed the sashes and brought them back to our workshop. The sashes had suffered extensive rot damage. The window bars had broken and the timber on the bottom rail was breaking apart.



Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath



Some of the timber was still in a good condition and so we were able to restore this. However, the bottom rail had to be fully replaced and we handcrafted a replica in Accoya to match. This was the same for some of the window bars. We used moulding cutters to exactly replicate the traditional detailing.



Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath



To finish, we sanded the window, primed and re-painted it in house. The result was a window restored to its former working glory.