New Sashes For Existing Boxes

When your box is in good condition, we’re able to just restore and replace the sashes.

When a sash window is in need of repair, we may be able to just restore the sashes. Sashes usually take more wear over the years and are often the reason for heat loss and rattling. If your existing box is in good condition, we can remove the sashes, restore them, and replace them—looking completely like new.

Sash window restoration

Replacing just the sashes is an easier and cheaper alternative to replacing the whole window. We want to keep as much of the original features of your heritage home as possible so, when we can, we like to keep the original box. When we take your sashes, we ensure to restore them to their former glory with the exact same features and mouldings.

Skilled craftsmen with high-tech solutions

The process is a great solution when you need improved performance to save heat loss and reduce noise without spoiling the character of your home. Our specialist team remove the existing sashes from the window and bring them back to our workshop. Our first port of call is to restore the sashes. This is our priority. If your sashes have been damaged from rot, we are able to replace elements of the sash while keeping as much of the original timber as possible.

If the sashes are beyond repair, we can craft new sashes. The dimensions of the existing are carefully measured and then replicated in our workshop. All of our sashes are made in the traditional way, using full mortise and tenon joints and with scribes that do justice to the original moldings. We also have an extensive collection of period moulding cutters and use only the best UK manufactured ironmongery. We only use hardwood or Accoya® for our sashes, which means we offer up to fifty-year guarantees on our work.

Keep the heat in, and the draughts out

All our new replacement sash windows also include draught proofing. This involves routing grooves into the mid-rail and bottom rail in the sashes. The draught-proof carrier is placed within the groove and hard wearing weatherproof brushes are slid into the carrier. These brushes provide a seal between the sash and the sash box, eliminating any draughts when the window is closed.

Take a look at one of our recent projects…

At the end of 2017, we were contacted by a couple in Bath who were looking for a specialist to restore their sash windows. The couple lived in a beautiful quintessential townhouse, crafted from iconic Bath stone. The sash windows in the property were in need of restoration, but upon inspection the original sash boxes were still in great condition.

Sash windows restoration in Bristol and Bath

As a restorer, we prefer to keep as much of the original joinery as possible. As such, we only removed the sashes and took them back to our workshop. Sashes usually take more wear over the years and are often the reason for heat loss and rattling. They are also more at risk of rot, due to exposure to the elements.



Sash bay windows in Bath townhouse

The sashes were beyond repair, and so we handcrafted replicas to match using Accoya. We carefully measured the existing ones, and then replicated them in our workshop using traditional methods. We used our extensive selection of period moulding cutters to replicate exact original details. The results were fantastic.

See here for full details on the project.