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A living room inspired by the 1920’s in Bath

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 23 February 2017

A couple of years ago, we were asked to create these beautiful twin cabinets for a client living in the centre of Bath. Their house oozed elegance and sophistication and we knew these pieces had to reflect this style.

After visiting their beautiful home, we noticed their attention to detail and style. Each piece had been carefully selected for its design and functionality. While some of the rooms showcased a mix of styles, this living space oozed 1920’s opulence and luxury. From the glass chandelier, the gold leaf mirror to the ornate wallpaper¬†and white chaise lounge.

1920’s inspired living room

When talking about the style of the twin cabinets we suggested a range of designs. The client wanted something elegant and fitting with the style but also something practical for modern day living. White was the perfect colour for this as it added light, complimented the window joinery and also brought out the colour of the wallpaper. Adding the gold mesh and gold handles worked well and tied the pieces in with the large wall mirror.

White was the perfect colour.

The cabinets featured a four tier bookcase / shelving and also a lower tier closed storage space with doors. This balanced the cabinet perfectly. It enabled detailing like the mesh and handles to be added and also allowed the client to add colour to the room through books and accessories. 1920

Viewed up close, the cabinets featured grooved detailing on the edges and gold hinges.

1920ssss 1920ssssss 1920sssss

We loved working on this project and seeing the finished results. While we love designing furniture from scratch, it’s also really enjoyable to design and create with a style in mind. The 1920’s era was all about luxury, style and grandeur. It’s certainly making a resurgence with lots of designers adapting these elements to suit modern day demands.

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