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Handcrafted, bespoke kitchens

Custom-made kitchens

The kitchen has evolved so far beyond the dictionary definition of “a room where food is kept, prepared, and cooked and where the dishes are washed”. Today, it has become a multi-use space where families and friends live, cook, eat, open the post, entertain, help with the children’s homework and everything else besides…

A reflection of the way many of us are choosing to live these days, this multi-functional space requires intelligent design and careful attention to detail to work as the heart of the modern-day home.

Considered kitchen design

Working in partnership with you and the nuances of your space, we offer intelligent, considered design solutions for any kitchen.

Bath Bespoke has proven to be a wonderful discovery. A truly personal service with an imaginative design team and craftsmen with an unmatched eye to detail. A joy to work with, from start to exceptional finished product.

Bringing function and form seamlessly together with a close eye for detail, we design and handcraft bespoke kitchens around you and the ebb and flow of your daily life. Everything from planning your kitchen storage options to ensuring the layout optimises the available space and that the individual details create a cohesive design.

Handmade in Winsley

Accoya logoHandmade and finished in our workshop by experienced craftsmen, we work with hardwood or crown-cut timber and we are an Accoya® Approved Manufacturer. Our cabinetry is finished with high quality, anti-scratch paint, eco-friendly finishes and some of the finest ironmongery in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for clean, contemporary lines or classic country styling, the inimitable Shaker aesthetic or a rustic finish, we can help…

Talk to us about your project…

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