About us

Our aim is ‘to design and craft beautiful furniture using high quality sustainable materials.’

We specialise in designing, crafting and fitting interior projects and joinery for both private and professional clients. England pioneered the crafting of well made furniture and we are proud to continue to work in that vein.

How we began

Bath Bespoke began when joiner James Etheridge and cabinetmaker Tom Jones fulfilled their longstanding dream to set out alone. In the beginning, the duo worked from a garage in Bath with limited machinery. Despite this, they began to build a strong client base and portfolio.

Bath Bespoke soon outgrew the garage and so moved to Hartley Farm. The farm was developing and needed some skilled woodsmen on board to assist with joinery and furniture. Tom and James adapted a spacious agricultural building, fitting it with full joinery and finishing facilities. This enabled the business to serve the farm and their private and trade clients.

Today they run a team of around twenty-five dedicated craftsmen who work across the region, country and as far away as the USA and Middle East.


Designing and crafting beautiful woodwork is the core aim of our business and that’s possible thanks to the incredible team at Bath Bespoke. But as a business we also understand that everything we do has an impact and that’s why ever since we started we’ve been dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Wood is at the core of our business and it’s one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. All of our timber is FSC certified.

We also abide by the most sustainable practices possible in the industry and have taken great strides to achieve an eco-friendly status. We power all of our machines and lights using energy from solar panels, convert all of our wood waste into usable heat energy and recycle all of our extra waste as much as possible. Find out more about our practices here.

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