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The clever corner bookcase

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 1 March 2017

A couple years ago we were asked to create some very clever storage solutions for a home just outside the city of Bath.

We began by designing and handcrafting the bespoke three door white wardrobe with in built storage. Beautifully simple yet extremely functional. The three doors all opened out separately into three different compartments. Each compartment was specifically designed to suit the client’s needs, two featuring open compartments and the other featuring drawers.

The client also wanted a wall length bespoke bookcase. We found the perfect place for it, and created a cleverly designed bookcase to fit into the unusual space.

The dark grey anti scratch paint finish created impact and looked fantastic against the coloured wall paper and upholstered chair.

The client chose this creative wall paper to finish off the room. It worked really well with the bookcase, drawing the eye along the wall and making the room look larger. It also added personality to the room and worked well with the wool upholstered chair to add colour and vibrancy.

The finish on the bookcase was smooth and matt—this created an extremely modern and sophisticated look. We carefully carved the bookcase to fit against the existing skirting board.

The wallpaper gave the illusion the bookcase was part of a whole library of books.

This was a fantastic project—one that allowed us to push our creative boundaries and test our attention to detail.

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