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Before & After: Bespoke wine wall cabinet

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 25 October 2017

We cherish all of our projects, as each one is handcrafted, finished and fitted by our makers. But this latest one, for maker Ben Boyce, was something super special—purely for the sheer magnificence of it.

A few months ago we were approached by a client in Bath who wanted a wine wall fitted into their home. For those unsure of the concept, a wine wall is an innovative cabinet designed to specifically house wine bottles. We’ve crafted lots of unique storage solutions, but a wine wall of this size was something different for us and it was a challenge that Ben relished. Every inch of this design was well thought out in principle and practice and Tom Jones Marquez, the designer of the project, worked closely with the client to create the perfect design.


Ben used walnut to make the cabinet interiors. Inside, he carefully crafted a series of slatted shelves which were specifically designed to hold eight bottles per shelf.


Once crafted, the middle cabinets were fitted with a series of brass bars—slotted in by hand. Each pair of bars were designed to hold one bottle of wine. To finish off this centrepiece, an antique mirror effect wallpaper was fitted on the back wall to create a sense of opulence and to reflect light around the room.

The glazed doors on either side of the wine wall were crafted from Accoya wood and finished in house with Farrow & Ball Railings. The X designed units at the top were also meticulously designed to perfectly hold three bottles of wine per triangle. In total this wine wall has the ability to display 128 bottles of wine!


Last week Dan and Will returned from fitting the wine wall, and brought back some great pictures of the results. As you can see from the pictures, Ben, with the help of Neil, added brass inlays into the panels which complimented the bars and enhanced the finished design. The pictures also showcase the wonderful lower cabinets and doors, which were covered in Paille Japonaise linen. The door frames also featured a brass trim to complement the materials and colours used in the upper part of the cabinet.


The site team finished the cabinet with a stunning Nero Marquina stone worktop. The strikingly beautiful dark marble, accented with strong white veining, was the perfect material to complete the entire piece.


These are some of the first pictures after the fitting, and Dan and Will will be returning to finish the fit. They’ll be adding Edgbaston Armac Martin handles to the lower cabinets and fitting a series of lighting units on the panelling and in the interior.

What an amazing project—one that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed from concept right through to the finished results!