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Alcove shelving & cupboards handcrafted for a home in Bath

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 15 November 2017

Sometimes even the simplest designs are those that make the world of difference. This was the case with one of our latest projects in Bath. A few months ago we were contacted by a home owner who was keen to utilise the awkward alcoves in the living room. Alcoves often present homeowners with a challenge. They are often too small/big for off the shelf furniture like wardrobes or bookcases and they can result in dark spaces which affect the aesthetics of the whole room. Keen to prevent this, our client contacted us asking for a range of bespoke storage solutions. The brief was to design and make something modern, functional and clean.

Alcove shelving & cupboards

After discussing several designs with our client, together we opted for a minimalist, modern design, with chunky floating shelving on hidden battens and three cupboards on the left, with push to open doors. The clean surfaces and open spaces worked by drawing in the light, keeping the room airy and fresh. The minimal design and light finish with exposed wood grain, also blended in well with the rest of the room. Ideal for when the room is fully decorated and furnished.


Concept & Drawings

As you can see from the concept plan and drawings, each section had to be carefully planned out and measured to ensure the bespoke shelving and furniture fitted precisely.

alcove-storage-unit-drawings alcove-storage-unit-drawings-2

Finished results

When Ben and Will from the fitting team had finished, they were able to take a few shots of the results. The shelving blends in beautiful and finally gives those difficult alcoves a much desired function! The homeowner is now working to furnish the rest of the room and add in the lighting unit. We hope to see photos of the results soon. It was a real pleasure working with our client and helping him with his home development.


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