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Handcrafting a corner window

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 3 March 2018

Over the last month, the team have been working on a really unique project with Maack Architects—crafting a large corner window. The project has just been finished and I’m excited to share some of the images of the crafting process with you.

Crafting a corner window

Arkadiusz was our main joiner responsible for the crafting of the window and he documented the project to show you each step of the process. This window was really unique in that it was designed to curve around the corner of a home. As such the window had to be designed and crafted so precisely to not only fit a specific piece of glass, but also to fit exactly into the supporting walls around it. The window itself was to be fitted into the front of a large property, adjacent to a large timber exterior door which Arkadiusz also crafted.

The window was handmade in two sections, one section which comprised of a vertical window pane, and another featuring the curved glass and adjacent casement window. It was then sanded by Fred and hand coated and colour stained in an eco-friendly oil finish by Brett, Rob and Lukasz in the painting team.

Step 1 – The design


Step 2 – Preparing the timber


Step 3 – Cutting the timber to shape


Step 4 – Crafting the initial framework


Step 5 – Crafting the window frames


Step 6 – Adding the cill and detailing

making-window-frame-3 making-window-frame-4

Step 7 – Hand coating


The finished result

making-window-frame-6 making-window-frame-7 making-window-frame-8