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Modern exterior door crafted for large family property

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 13 March 2018

This latest project with Maack Architects saw one of our experienced joiners, Arkadiusz, crafting a large exterior door using Accoya. The door was to feature at the front of a large family house, so it had to be both visually stunning but also functionally sound and secure. As with all our joinery, this door was custom made to exacting dimensions. It was also created to be fire-proof and featured some of the finest UK made ironmongery.

Handmade and finished in our Winsley workshop

Unlike some of the other doors we have created for properties around Bath, this one was really modern in design and creation. It featured a five slab design, with horizontal grooves. The door was also oversized, making for a really impressive entrance way.

Arkadiuz created the door frame first, and then began handcrafting the door. Starting with custom milled Accoya, he began by route-ring out channels for the Accoya inlays. He then made the Accoya veneer which involved cutting thin strips from one large piece of timber. After which, he cut the veneer to size, joining the pieces with veneering tape, and then attaching them to the door using cascamite glue.

This was then put into a bag press for three days, which worked to seal the separate pieces of timber together. Once ready, the door was then cut to size and Arkadiuz added the lippings. Grooves were cut into the door using a router, and the shapes for the ironmongery were carved out. This included the hinges, letter plate and lock. During this time Arkadiusz continued to check the door’s measurements and functionality by hanging the door in the frame.

ark-making-timber-front-door-3 ark-making-timber-front-door-2 creating-large-exterior-door ark-making-timber-front-door-4 ark-making-timber-front-door-5

After the door was perfected and Arkadiuz had finished, Fred sanded the door and frame. A coating of special oil was added to protect and stain the wood. Unlike other products, this patented oil adheres to the upper microns in the wood via molecular bonding (no film formation, no saturation). As such, it not only offers unprecedented protection and durability, but it also keeps the natural look and feel of the wood. It’s the first and only oil in the world that doesn’t contain VOCs or water, and is completely environmentally friendly. It’s a product we love to use for its quality and eco-nature.

The ironmongery was then added and the door was then hung in its frame.

ark-making-timber-front-door ark-making-timber-front-door-6

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