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How to create an eco kitchen

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 18 July 2018

Sustainability is really important to us at Bath Bespoke. The entire team are passionate about protecting the environment and about using high quality materials that help nurture and protect the planet. As a company, we abide by the most sustainable practices possible in the industry and have taken great strides to achieve an eco-friendly status. We power all of our machines and lights using energy from solar panels based on Hartley Farm, only use sustainably sourced timber, and convert all of our wood waste into usable heat energy. Find out more about our eco practices here.

Bath Bespoke’s Eco Kitchens

We’re very proud to design and create bespoke kitchens that not only look beautiful and cleverly fulfil their purpose, but that also fly the flag for sustainability. By using FSC certified timber, eco-friendly water based paints, 0% VOC finishes and durable, renewable counter tops, our kitchens have a very low carbon footprint. By choosing a Bath Bespoke kitchen, you’re also contributing to the replanting of our forests through the FSC replanting programme and keeping excess waste out of the landfill. We also supply and fit top of the range energy-efficient smart appliances with all of our kitchens, which not only enhance your kitchen experience but that also keep your energy consumption down.

Large kitchen island with built in hob and cooker

How To Create an Eco Friendly Kitchen

When creating an eco friendly bespoke kitchen there are several key aspects to consider:


Choosing eco-friendly materials for your cabinets is one of the most important aspects of an eco friendly kitchen. One of the most popular options for the units is birch plywood, for its eco credentials and modern ‘striped’ edge. Birch ply is a superior quality hardwood plywood made up of multiple veneers to increase its structural stability. We use FSC-certified birch ply (made with a non-chemical-based adhesive) to create our kitchen carcasses. We’re big fans of the exposed birch ply edge.

As well as birch ply, we have also created kitchens using reclaimed oak (we created this one in collaboration with Mia Marquez)—another high quality material that helps keep waste from landfill. All of our other timbers, such as oak and walnut, are always FSC or PEFC certified.

Rustic sustainable kitchen cabinets


Alongside cabinets, choosing the right material for your worktop is equally important. We only use 100% FSC timber in our wooden worktops. We also use Silestone and Corian worktops, some of which contain post-consumer content including mirror, glass and porcelain, for the ultimate eco-friendly finish. These worktops are highly durable, long lasting and can easily be repaired and renewed—thus minimising waste in the landfill.
Rustic kitchen in a country farmhouse


There are so many brands and types of paint that knowing which one to choose can be very confusing. But, when creating a kitchen it’s imperative to choose water based paints that have low VOC levels. VOCs are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature. Some paints contain VOCs which are harmful to human health and the environment. So by using water based environmentally friendly paints you’re protecting your family’s health and the planet’s.

We only use water based paints for our kitchens and furniture and also use a patented oil to protect our wood which is made from natural ingredients, no solvents and contain 0% VOCs.

Designer white corian counter top

Floors and walls

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming one of the most eco-friendly flooring choices which works well in kitchens and throughout the home. While solid floors used to be the most popular choice, sustainably sourced engineered floors are also fast becoming the preferred option. Engineered flooring looks just as beautiful as solid floor, but its boards are stable and don’t react to changes in temperature. See our range here. Aside from timber, polished concrete, made from recycled materials, makes for a fantastic floor. It has a long life cycle, is energy efficient and is excellent at trapping and releasing heat.

Blue modern kitchen with Scandi style living room


The advancements in technology has resulted in smart kitchen appliances that help you and your home conserve energy. Look for appliances with a  A +++ energy rating. They are thought to use over 50% less power than those in the A class, and will greatly contribute to the credentials of your eco-friendly kitchen. On top of that, always use eco light bulbs for your lights and fittings. All of the lights we use throughout our designs, including the internal LED cabinet lights, are energy efficient. They run on extremely low voltage, not only saving you a hefty energy bill but also the planet.

See more of our kitchen and furniture projects in our portfolioIf you’d like to find out more about our commitment to sustainable practises then please get in touch.