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Modern & minimal

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 6 August 2020

This modern, minimal home office brings together a functional working environment with space to display treasured artwork.

Our clients had recently moved into a prestigious new housing development on the northern hills of Bath which was a project we had already has extensive involvement with, designing, making and fitting high-end furniture and flooring. Impressed by the quality of their existing Bath Bespoke woodwork as well as a fitted office we had crafted for a neighbouring property, we were commissioned to create a bespoke home office.

We were invited to design a space that could provide an efficient but clean and modern, minimal working environment for the couple. The clients had clear ideas of the functionality needed and we worked in partnership with them to develop these into considered design concepts.

Essentially, two independent desks were required, each with drawers for filing and stationery. A large and treasured piece of art was to act as a focal point, alongside specific storage requirements for books, a printer and filing as well as display. In order to ensure the display spaces brought the right balance of character and emphasis, we spent plenty of time planning their layout as well as illumination in certain pockets and areas to allow for plenty of working lighting options. We combined solid and veneered ash, finished in a slightly white tinted oil, with white spray-painted elements and a handleless design was preferred, minimising the number of materials showing, and adding to the clean lines of the design.

Utilising our own ideas and extensive experience, we sought to give the space a personal feeling by mixing photo and art display with the functional requirements of an office.

We’re absolutely delighted with our new study furniture installed by Bath Bespoke. The whole team have been great and we feel like we’ve all been on the journey together – from Tom’s initial inspiring concept ideas to Nikki’s professional and very thorough design, to the great craftsmanship of the carpentry team in the workshop and finally Ben & James’ careful and detailed installation, being very considerate while working in our home.

The end product is to a very high standard, adding a wonderful quality to our room, and all of this underpinned by a team of professionals that have been a joy to work with. We highly recommend them! “