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Yoga Mondays!

Posted by Nahla Robinson on 16 May 2023

You may (or may not) have been wondering how the team at Bath Bespoke stay in such good shape.

Our secret is … yoga!

Some of the team here have been practicing yoga for some time, others were completely new to it. Everyone has a different degree of flexibility and balance of course but this really doesn’t matter when it comes to benefiting and enjoying yoga. It’s about breathing, being present with our bodies and emotions, and noticing the subtle developments. One not so subtle development since we started is that everyone in the class is now doing amazing handstands, unassisted!

Since January 2023, the very gifted yoga teacher Holly Witt has held classes available for all of our team at 7am on a Monday morning. It’s been a tremendous success. There really is no better way to start the week.

Several of the team suffer from bad backs – a consequence of many years on the tools. Since we started our weekly yoga practice, everyone with bad backs has noticed a significant improvement – yoga builds up back muscle you see and is marvellous for the spine. We’ve noticed an improvement in people’s mental health too and we’re even nicer to each other (at least until Monday lunch time).