Complete New Windows

As with our restoration services, we use traditional carpentry methods to create authentic new windows.

Where replacement sash windows are not an option, either beyond repair or for a new build, we manufacture and install completely new sash windows—including the box frame.


Our approach

When a window is beyond repair, we can create a brand new one. This includes both the sashes and the box. We only use hardwood or Accoya®, which means we offer up to fifty-year guarantees on our work. All our windows are handcrafted using traditional methods, with full mortise and tenon joints and with scribes that do justice to the original moldings.


All our new replacement sash windows also include draught proofing. This involves routing grooves into the mid-rail and bottom rail in the sashes. The draught-proof carrier is placed within the groove and hard wearing weatherproof brushes are slid into the carrier. These brushes provide a seal between the sash and the sash box, eliminating any draughts when the window is closed.

Expertly handcrafted and finished

For new builds, we usually use slim double glazing units to improve the energy efficiency of the home. For conservation areas, our glass options vary.  We paint the windows, in our workshop, using our specialist spray paint facilities. This produces a superb, high quality finish. We use a high build base coat and an anti-stain primer, and then a micro-porous paint in the colour of your choice.

We also include lead weights to counterbalance the glass, and then finish the windows with the finest UK ironmongery of your choice.