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Heritage Double Glazed Sash Windows in a Grade II Listed Building

Installing double glazing into heritage buildings is a delicate art. By using new double glazing technology we are able to manufacture new windows that exactly match the originals in all details, barring high performing sealed units. These allow owners of listed buildings to enjoy warm homes whilst not compromising the celebrated aesthetic of the building.

We use 12mm slimline units with heritage 5.5mm sight-lines, and fill the glass with krypton. We hand finish every part of the window and the final product is a real asset to any home. This home on the fringes of Bath had dilapidated sash windows, we restored the original boxes and installed new sashes, as well as some new complete windows. We used Accoya timber, that means a 50 year guarantee against decay. Which all results in a warm home with no need to worry about windows for a very long time.



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