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Draught proofing your heritage sash windows will save in the long run

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 11 April 2017

The mechanics of a sash window dictate that gaps must exist between the sashes and the window parts, in order to allow them to move up and down. When they were initially built, there was nothing to fill those gaps and after a century of sliding up and down, these gaps have worn and widened. This is why heritage sash windows are often draughty and rattle. But there’s a solution to this problem and it’s in the form of sophisticated brushes and seals that are discretely installed into the window box and the sashes. It’s called draught proofing and it’s the best improvement in thermal efficiency for sliding sash windows.

Why draught proofing?

It’s surprising how much heat can escape from doors and windows in the winter months which can add significant costs to your heating bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save around £25 to £35 per year on energy bills a year by draught-proofing alone. Draught free homes not only reduce your energy bill, saving your purse and the environment, but also result in a more comfortable living environment. Noise and chill free. It’s an important step to future-proofing your period home.

How is it fitted?

To start with, we remove the existing sashes and take them back to our workshop. We remove the four inner staff beadings, which enables us to lift out the lower sliding sash. The two vertical parting beads are then removed followed by the upper sliding sash. Any rot issues are repaired, the boxes are sanded down and cleaned.

A groove is routed out along the central length of the top rail of the upper sash. The draught-proof carrier is placed within the groove and hard wearing weatherproof brushes are slid into the carrier. These brushes provide a seal between the upper sash and the top of the sash box, eliminating any draughts when the window is closed. This same process is repeated on the lower sash. The process is unobtrusive and does not alter the traditional character of the sash windows. We restore the window box, repairing where necessary. After fitting the strongest industry grade waxed cotton cord, we service the pulleys, and put everything back together as it should be.

Saving in the long run

A well-maintained older home will generally perform much better than one that is neglected. Draught proofing will not only save you money from your immediate bills, but will also ensure your sash windows are well maintained and in good working order for the future. Likewise, draught proofing the windows will no doubt add some value to the property. They no doubt will be more appealing to a future buyer if you’re looking to sell your home.

Our service

We have been making heritage sash windows in Bath for a long time and have built a well earned reputation among architects, housing developers and home owners. We’ve also worked with local conservation groups across the county on stunning period buildings including, The Circus in Bath and Bath Abbey. Looking to find out more information about your sash window? Then get in touch!

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