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Restoring a rotten window frame and sashes

Posted by Bath Bespoke on 18 April 2017

Original sash windows are an essential part of our heritage. They’re a distinctive feature of period houses across the UK, from town houses and cottages to stately manors and mansions. As such restoring them is an important part of keeping this heritage alive. That’s where we come in.

Sash windows

There are two main elements to a sliding sash window: the box, which is fitted into the walls; and the sashes, which are the two glazed frames that move up and down. They usually slide vertically, hung on cords or chains and counterbalanced by metal weights housed in a box frame. All of our sashes are made using full mortise and tenon joints and with scribes that do justice to the original moldings. We also have one of the largest selections of period moulding cutters in the country, meaning our joinery looks exactly how the original architect of your home intended.


Rotten windows

There are many different reasons why restoration work needs to take place. After years of use, sash windows can become worn, draughty and noisy. Another key issue is rot. If not maintained properly, timber windows are vulnerable to the effects of rot. This image below is an example window which was sent to us for restoration. The timber suffered extensive rot, with several breakages, flaked paint and cracking. In order to restore the sash; we had to identify all the timber that had rotted, replace and restore the wood, and sand and re-paint the sash with a micro-porous paint that would protect it in the future.

Stage 1: Identify damage

Restoring a sash window

Stage 2: Remove damaged sash bars and replace with new ones.

Restoring a rotten window and sashes

3. Replace bottom rail. The extensive rot meant it was beyond repair.

Restoring a rotten window and sashes

4. Sand down and re-paint for the perfect finish.

Restored window sash


To find out more about our sash window services, take a look on our website. If you’re in need of new sash windows or restoration work, then contact us here.